Episode 10: “Yo Momma”

Episode 10: Danny Sutcliffe, Ed Easton & Dave Williams


Its the February episode of the Frogcast and we have 3 great acts back in the Frog and Bucket, Preston.

Joining Richard and John this month are Rock Radio’s Danny Sutcliffe, one of the funniest guest we’ve ever had, who takes us through all things Rock Radio and beyond.

Ed Easton, a young comic whose relative inexperience belies a sharp comedy brain. He tells us about an uncomfortable trip to the Doctors, before Richard challenges him to a nerdy “Yo Momma” competition using submission from Toplessrobot.com.

Finally Dave Williams comes along with his old face and discusses his near 20 years in comedy, gigging with the greats from the Manchester scene, and dealing with bad reviews.


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February’s Line Up Announced:

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Episode 9: The Split (Part 3 – Vince Atta)

Part 3 of January’s Preston Frogcast turns all 8 Mile as the very funny Vince Atta talks to Rich about shooting films, trips to crack dens with famous musicians, and turning to comedy after growing up in Manchester.

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Episode 9: The Split (Part 2 – Adam Staunton)

Part 2 of Januarys Preston Frogcast recording.

Rich and John are joined by tiny Scouse funny man Adam Stauton. Also Dear Marjory is back, but no one’s emailed in again, and in Things I Found On The Internets This Month; a couples plans to conceive go slightly awry, and a name change can make all the difference.

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Episode 9: The Split (Part 1 – Jonny Addy)

In an effort to make the Frogcast more accessable for you podspawn I’m going to be splitting each show into 3 parts. Hopefully this will mean you can listen to the sections you want, and yet still have the full show to enjoy.

If you like the change give us some feed back on iTunes.

Otherwise here is Part 1 of Januarys Frogcast:

Tales of woe after the Holiday period for Rich, the return of John the Soundman and our first guest Jonny Addy joins us for some jokes and a chat.

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Its 2012 and the Frogcast is back my Podspawn:

First show of 2012


We have more great comics coming on to have a chat with Rich & John, this month:


“An unstoppable force, forging a brilliant rapport with the audience.. like an intravenous shot of adrenaline!” -Steve Bennett, Chortle



‘Jonny Addy is a one man tornado proving that 20 minutes of him is like having 5 cans of Redbull, an hour is completely life changing!’ – C69 Comedy

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BONUS: Saif Abu Kandil

Holiday Gift-isode: Saif Abu Kandil

Hello Podspawn,

Hope you are enjoying 2012 so far, the year of ultimate doom for this planet. I trust you have broken all your resolutions already.

As promised, and just a little late (4 months give or take), here is the chat I had with the very funny, charming and fascinating Saif Abu Kandil at the Edinburgh Fringe in August of 2011.

A little bonus extra for all my Podspawn out there who just can’t wait till their next fix of Frogcast.

We record the next episode on January 29th so get your emails in now too: podspawn@gmail.com

Let John and myself know what went on with your holidays, best presents, worst presents, any disasters befall you? If they are funny I’ll read them out on the show.

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Episode 8: Welcome to Bumble F**k.

Preston Frogcast Episode 8: Welcome to Bumble F**k


Its the Christmas Episode, but not many people are in a Festive mood.

John the Soundman is away and guest of the show Tony Basnett steps bravely into his box, and Richard gives him a surprise X-mas present.

The delightful and funny Katie Mulgrew tells us about her life, following in Peter Kays Uni footsteps and much more.

And our hillarious headliner Noel James discusses comedy in the UK since the Alternative boom of the 80’s, painting his face blue, the legendary Tunnel Club, and an obsession with puns.

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Episode 7: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, WHY?

Preston Frogcast Episode 7: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, WHY?

Apologies for the late post Podspawn, but illness has stalked the house of Richard and I’ve been laid up in bed for a few days.


Having moved the recording of the live show from a Thursday to a Sunday the quiet city of Preston finds itself once more in the grip of a Frogcast.


Kicking off our newly located show was the musical comedy stylings of Horse & Louis, who treat us to a few songs and then discuss meetings in Wales, refilling bottles of JD at music festival 2000 Trees, and the subject of morals in comedy.


Then the very dry and funny Peter Brush makes Richard give the first reading of a new play he has written, and joins Richard for Dear Marjorie, Things I Found on the Internets this Month and a very disgusting game of Trick or Treat.


Finally the brilliant Mick Sergeant takes to the stage with tales of his days working in the depths of Newcastles ship yards, his grandfather, as well as his future plans… in the world of bodybuilding.

You can listen to the whole of the Horse & Louis song; Feminine Side HERE. Or listen back to Frogcast Episode 3 where you will find the song in its entirity.

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